If it’s one thing I’ve noted in historical romances and in general with time travel is that it’s about going back in time. It’s about a period that we cherished and adored. There is something about history that pulls you in. It’s one of the reasons that I wrote Consoling Angel.

I remember writing it in my Creative Writing class while doing my Bachelor’s degree at University of Phoenix. I already loved to write and was actively pursuing it beyond my education and jobs. We were told by our professor to write a short story. So what was I going to do? Then I remembered what I always wanted to do. I am a big of fan of the early fifties movies and I had a huge love for James Dean movies. In writing it, I had to do some small research and remember that I had to tell it at the perspective of the heroine, Mira. If it’s one thing we all remember is that we were young once and we all wanted to go back in time to fix a wrong. It reminds us of Back To The Future right?

So what’s inspires you to write? For me, writing has always been a good way of expressing myself. I find that expressing yourself is not only good for you, but good for your soul. Our lives are a huge part of why we write, maybe we have something in our lives that we want to talk about and one of the best ways of doing that is through writing. For me life is a huge inspiration, there are moments that I write about, time periods that I love. There is always a good story in us, in our history, and around us. Storytelling has been in the human existence since the beginning. Myths and many religions have great stories that we all know and love. Storytelling is in our DNA and as a writer, for us it cannot be denied to tell a good story. Stories come from deep in our cores with muses that tell us to keep writing. Even characters that won’t leave us alone until we tell their story.

So what do I do when I run out of ideas or am having that dreaded writers block? I tend to go back to some of my earlier works and see what I can work on. I also take some time out to take a walk, hear music, watch some television, and read books. If you back to your roots you tend to get it all back. So keep writing and tell us what inspires you and what keeps you on track when the nasty writer’s block.