WordPress 101

WordPress  101

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It’s used on many hosting companies from Godaddy to Dreamhost. It also has a free option via wordpress.com. Just like all technology it looks has a lot of perks, but how to learn them all? Lots of options become scary and complicated! Who has time to learn for something new? Don’t know all the resources or who to go to? Then this is the perfect class for you!

Day One: Introductions


Day Two: Know Your Resources/Where to Start/hosting/wordpress.com

  • Hosting companies that offer wordpress for a fair price
  • What does wordpress.com offer?


Day Three: The WordPress Dashboard

  • Logging into your account
  • Managing Comments
  • Tracking statistics
  • Customizing the dashboard’s appearance
  • Updating your personal settings and profile
  • Updating general settings


Day Four: Themes & Customization

  • How to I customize my page?
  • What are themes? Where can I get them?
  • Learning how to customize a header.
  • Custom fonts
  • Menus/navigation for your website.


Day Five: Plugins

  • What are plugins?
  • What plugins can offer and where to get them.


Day Six: Writing a post or a Page.

  • How to add a post and what is quick press?
  • Adding links
  • What are categories and tags?
  • Scheduling a post
  • Copy/pasting a post


Day Seven: Adding and Managing Media

  • How to add a photo
  • How to add a video
  • Adding pdfs, .doc, etc.
  • How to manage your media


Day Eight: Working with Link Lists

  • Adding links
  • Managing links


Day Nine & Ten: Questions and Answers