Hello All!

Here is a recent update as to what has been going on. Unfortunately I did not win the last contest that I entered. I look forward to entering some more contests. I have been busy with The Pen & Muse Blog and have even added staff to help with the book reviews.

I also took a conference with the help of a fellow blogger and learned of a ton of stuff which I will be implementing in the new blog when I get it up and running. Jeannine which did this website will be putting it up for me, which I know it will turn out awesome since this website did.

Other than that school is almost close to looking finished next year. Soon I will be able to write more as I embark on getting an MFA in writing and graphic design. I have tons of things to learn in the meantime. I have been also busy with the various groups I belong to. As much as I want to stay with all of them there are some I had to let go and possibly more in the future.

I also am currently editing one novel and short story, White Rider and Consoling Angel with the help of a friend. I’m also in the Script Frenzy competition to see if I can finish a script in 30 days. So far I’m at about 50 pages. Not sure if I’ll make it.. if not then I tried. There is always next year!

So that’s all Folks!