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While being sick in bed and having to get better from Kidney stones and a stomach bug, I turned on Netflix and sought something to watch.

I found Continuum, season one. I had heard about the show and it look interesting and so I sat watching it.

The first episodes drew me into the world of 2077 and Kiera, the futureĀ  cop who had implants and was pretty bad ass.

Although the episode obviously didn’t have high special effects, the characters, dialogue, and plot kept it together. Continuum as a whole series follows the life that we could possibly we have if we give the corporations all the power. It shows a world where cops are high tech puppets for corporations and where crimes seems to be less. Kiera is one of them that helps keep it in balance. Where there is a force of supposed good, there is also Liber8, a terrorist group that was caught blowing up buildings and using what resources they have to stop the corporations. When all members were caught they were sentenced to death except they had plans of their own. The plan was to go back in time to stop the corporations before it begun, to change their futures forever. What they didn’t expect was Kiera traveling back in time with them!
Kiera finds herself in a new world after the terrorists she helped take down. So the series begins and continues which after watching the season, you meet great characters, you find out more about Kiera’s life and the technology behind her and from the man who invented it. As always there will plot twists, turns, and surprises.
Those who love science fiction, interesting characters and time travel will love this series!