Angels Always Near

The Angels Always Near poetry collection offers an experimental take on the timeless emotions of adolescence, capturing moments of imagination and being while exploring the universal theme of love through emotional wordscapes.

In this re-edited collection, the mysteries of teenage love and ideals of beauty are filtered through a mature adult perspective, bringing readers a new interpretation. The Angels Always Near is a refreshing journey through teenage eyes and the surprising truths that they can hold in explaining the world around them.

Angels Always Near

Angels Always Near….
To the slightest pin drop to the
Farthest cry for help,
To the pain and sorrow,
To the sick, to the weak,
To the poor and children….

Angels always near…
For happiness, for joy,
For birth till death,
For excitement and pleasure,
For comfort, to hold, to Heal.

Look out through windows…
Into the bright blue skies…
Search in the deepest depths
Of your spirit and you’ll find…

Angels Always Near.