How many times have we heard no funding available for schools? I am sure with today’s economy that we hear it all the time. When back to school was in session and parents were trying to buy for their kids, it was all over the news. Parents struggling to find items for their children. Parents had to shop/search for bargains in order for their child to progress at school. I found this ridiculous.

I know growing up myself there was not enough funding in my high school’s art department and yet it was the department that I thought understood me better than any other class I took. Unfortunately, the school is still in the same situation.

So I ask all the fellow writer’s looking at this blog, take a look at this great website It’s a website whose mission is to help people across the nation fund their projects. Projects range from helping build libraries for young children to getting new technology to teach young adults. The great thing about this site is you can search by state or your interests!

Also know that your donation is tax deductible and you are doing good for your country. No donation too small. Helping others is good for the soul.