Celtic Hearts Writing Workshops!

June 2011 (2 weeks June 16th – 30th)

Class #2: Bare Bones: Forensics Basics for Writers

Instructor: Kerri Nelson

Want to add a little chemistry to your writing? This course will take you through the all the forensics basics that you’ll need to know to ramp up the suspense in your novel.

Lessons Include:

Who’s Who (Forensics Professionals & Experts)

Going Ballistic (Firearms & Bullets)

The Fine Print (Fingerprints & Handwriting Analysis)

Let’s Get Natural (Insects, Nature, & Trace Evidence)

The Talking Dead (Autopsies & DNA)

Make science fun as we delve into these topics and more during this 2 week crash course in all things forensic-ally fun!

Instructor Bio:

Kerri Nelson has always been passionate about reading books but when she wrote her first poem in the second grade, she discovered her love of writing. At the age of sixteen, she became a columnist for her local newspaper as the high school correspondent for the weekly “Panther Tales” column. She won the Outstanding Young Journalist of the Year Award for her efforts.

After an education and career in the legal field, Kerri began to pen romantic suspense novels with a legal or law enforcement theme. She is a true southern belle and comes complete with her dashing southern gentleman husband and three adorable children. When she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her baking homemade goodies for her family.

Kerri is an active member of Romance Writers of America as well as numerous Chapters including Celtic Hearts Romance Writers and Futuristic Fantasy & Paranormal Writers. She is a multi-published author currently under contract for her sixteenth novel.

Read more about Kerri’s books at her website: www.kerrinelson.com

Follow her on Twitter here: www.twitter.com/kerribookwriter

Visit her industry blog here: www.thebookboost.blogspot.com




July 2011 (4 weeks July 1st thru 29th)

Class #1: Historical Angles: Writing Historical Fiction

Instructor: Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, JB Dane

History, they say, is written by the winners. So how do YOU become a winner when it comes to writing historical fiction?.

In many ways, actually. There are subdivisions in the field that run the gambit from true-to-life depictions to twisted, altered versions of events and outcomes.

This workshop looks at every angle from which a historical novel can be written and branches into the research necessary, the creation of believable characters, settings, details, and looks at some of the practitioners – the successful ones – in this very diversified genre. We’ll look at some movies and TV series, too, for visuals (though these will not be viewed within the workshop).

Some of the diversifications include: a historical personage as the main character; fictional characters working with historical personages; and fictional characters within a real historical event or merely within a historical period/society. There are also the distinctions between brutal depictions of war (as in Bernard Cornwall’s Agincourt), a view from the other side (as in C.C. Humphreys’ Jack Absolute series), the many faces of historical romance, the historical setting in mystery, and alternative history in fantasy and science fiction.

While this workshop deals with romance it is far from limited to just the romance end of the scale. The scope is the entire historical marketplace. A list of publishers of historical novels will be included in the workshop materials. Among things covered are: medieval and renaissance settings, the royals of Europe, European wars, the Colonies (U.S. and Australia), the American West and the Western, Victoriana, Holmes and his brothers-in-deduction, and the 20th century historical.

Instructor Bio:

Beth Daniels currently writes as Beth Henderson and J.B. Dane, and other names in the past. She has worked with editors at Berkley, Zebra, Leisure, Harlequin/Silhouette, and Simon and Schuster’s Aladdin Paperbacks, done e-books for a now defunct company (not her fault, she says), and began her writing life with hardcover books slated for library use with a publisher that got out of the romance business (again, not her fault). More recently she’s had a number of articles about writing picked up by e-zines, saw a short story published in a mystery and suspense magazine that turned up its toes the next year (really, really not her fault), and has a story in the MOTHER GOOSE IS DEAD anthology slated for publication by Dragon Moon Press in 2011.

Twenty-six of Beth’s manuscripts have appeared in print or e-book format, and in 12 different languages in over 20 countries. At the moment she is working on various manuscripts, some fiction, some non-fiction but related to writing.




July-August 2011 (4 weeks July 12th thru August 9th)

Viking Age Britain

Instructor: Sharron Gunn

Course Description:
While “Viking” conjures images of fearsome invaders, the reality was far more complex. The peoples of Norway, Sweden and Denmark went on expeditions—for raiding and trading. Travelling as far as Constantinople, they occupied Normandy—named for them—and established the state of Russia. And they established the earldom of Orkney and became kings of Dublin, the Isle of Man and the Hebrides. Busy, busy go-getters!

The course will explore Viking Age Britain: Scotland, Ireland and the north of England. We will examine the society and culture of the period—battling and feuding, farming and feasting, the role of women, societal laws and honour. Sagas such as the Orkneyinga will be used to illustrate the Viking Age. Historical accuracy was not the purpose of the sagas; they were great entertainment and contain wonderful information about Norse life a thousand years ago.


1. The Vikings
2. Norse Society
3. Daily Life: Housing, food, clothing
4. Conquest of Britain
5. Norse Religion and Christianity

Instructor Bio:

Sharron lives in British Columbia, and teaches Scottish & Irish History as non-credit university courses, and has taught online courses for CHRW, HHRW and Savvy Authors. While living over eight years in Europe, she studied the languages and history of Great Britain and France. She has a diplôme from the University of Nancy, France, a BA in French from UBC, and a MA (2nd first degree) in Scottish History and Celtic Studies from the University of Glasgow. She is currently working on a fantasy novel set during World War II.



August 2011 (4 weeks August 1st thru 29th)

All About POV (Point-of-View) Workshop

Instructor: Cindy Causey

Lessons Include:

1. What is POV
2. Different kinds of POV
3. Changing POV–when and how
4. Organizing scenes for POV before you write
5. Tips and pitfalls for conveying POV character’s actions, thoughts and characteristics
6. Tips and pitfalls for conveying non-POV character’s actions, thoughts and characteristics
7. Miscellaneous tips and tricks and anything we missed

Instructor Bio:

Cindy Causey taught herself to type in the 8th grade because it was so hard to write in her diary fast enough in longhand. A degree in advertising and a career as an advertising copywriter were the result. A fifteen year stint as a copy chief at JCPenney Catalog qualified her to become Content Development Manager for JCPenney.com and finally Internet Marketing Manager.

After 20 years at JCPenney, Cindy retired in December ’07 and is now working full time with her husband Scott in their multi-media production company, Dallas Digital Studios. They specialize in live-event videotaping, audio production, website design and hosting, and computer repair and training.

In 1996, her non-fiction book, Cherish the Gift, a Congregational Guide to Earth Stewardship, was published by Judson Press. She still lectures to pastoral and lay groups on the issue of environmental stewardship.

Her two romance novels, A Different Drum and A Hot Time in Texas, were released by The Wild Rose Press in 2009. She is a frequent workshop leader on the craft of writing as well as online marketing for writers.

Cindy and Scott enjoy a blended family of four grown kids and make their home in Dallas, where they both grew up. Cindy spends her spare time juggling the needs of older children and aging parents. She would love to see the edges of the entire world from the deck of a cruise ship.



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