Celtic Book Reviews

By Denise Alicea

Since we are on the theme of the Celts.  I thought it would great to share some great books. I know we are constantly looking for great books to reference when writing! These are based on some books that have helped me and are fun to read. We hope that this list helps with research or inspires idea. So if you have any books that you want to share feel free to contact us. 


 Women of the Celts By Jean Markale

Book Review: Historian Markale takes us deep into a mythical world where both man and woman become whole by realizing the feminine principle in its entirety. The author explores the rich heritage of Celtic women in history, myth, and ritual, showing how these traditions compare to modern attitudes toward women.

Rating: **** 

Where can the book be found:  Amazon.com


The Gods of the Celts by Miranda Aldhouse-Green

Book Review:  Information on the Celtic gods with in-depth research.

Rating: ****

Where can be found: Amazon.com


Celtic Gods and Heroes by Marie-Louise Sjoestedt

Book Review: Noted French scholar and linguist discusses the gods of the continental Celts, the beginnings of mythology in Ireland, heroes, and the two main categories of Irish deities: mother-goddesses — local, rural spirits of fertility or of war — and chieftain-gods: national deities who are magicians, nurturers, craftsmen, and protectors of the people.

Rating: ****

Where can it be found: Amazon.com


Horses and the Mystical Path: The Celtic Way of Expanding the Human Soul by Adele Von Rust McCormick

Rating : *****

Book Review: On a trip to Scotland, the psychotherapist family team of Adele, Marlena, and Thomas McCormick — pioneers in the psychotherapeutic use of horses — discover that early Celtic mysticism holds important insights into an equestrian-partnered spirituality. Through serendipitous encounters, they learn that the ancient Celtic people befriended the horse to cultivate the human heart and soul, and that horses accompanied the Celts as they spread their spiritual vision far and wide. The McCormicks soon embark on a wisdom pilgrimage. From India to Mexico to Spain and Morocco, they follow the ancient relationship between horses and humans, exploring a mystical path lit by a spirit of unity and beauty. With help from their horses, the McCormicks learn to integrate spirituality with their psychological training, forming a new, powerful form of healing. Horses and the Mystical Path recounts their memorable journey, and the lessons they learn from their amazing equine guides.

Where can it be found: Amazon.com