Blogging Platforms: Which One Is For You?


There are so many platforms to choose from nowadays and if we’re new or considering a move, you have to know all your options. What do you do? Do you go to a website and compare?  Do you talk to your friends and use their experiences?

The two platforms that I am going to focus on are Blogger and WordPress. Keep in mind this is based on my own opinions and experiences with both platforms. I used blogger in the beginning and it was very good to me until one day my blog got shut down by Google due it’s robot finding spam. I wasn’t pleased about it and from there I started looking into new, WordPress. It’s been great most of the time until I found about hackers and spam. Platforms are great, both have their cons and I’ve provided a nice list. Hoping this helps.





  1. Free and Easy to use.
  2. There is a social media package with included free email address.
  3. No CSS or HTML to deal with  (no dealing with codes)
  4. No crazy ads or spam.
  5. It’s also a great starter platform.



  1. Limited in its design.
  2. It’s limited as to what it can do.
  3. Your blog can be deleted at any point via Google under their terms and agreements.
  4. Your address is at .blogspot.com. You’d have to pay extra for a domain.





  1. Has a professional look to it.
  2. You can get it through a managed host such as Godaddy, Bluehost and Dreamhost.
  3. Is great for multimedia blogs that have podcasts.
  4. Has tons of plugins that will do anything from social media to forms, etc.
  5. Has multiple themes which you can choose from, but also buy themes.



  1. Security Flaws and Attacks –it can be hacked so its necessary to have protection in the form of plugins or from your host.
  2. Not optimized for larger websites.
  3. E-commerce websites not as supported or can’t find plugins that help that much.