Denise Alicea’s short “Consoling Angel” is one of those quick, fresh reads that make you smile and squeal throughout the entire plot then leave you all giddy by the end. I strongly recommend this story for young adults who enjoy romance-based stories.
“Consoling Angel” is very short and sweet. Within its 24 pages, the plot centers around an adolescent female named Mira who has recently lost her father to cancer. Both her and her dad loved James Dean while growing up. One unexpected day, Mira travels back in time to the 1950s and by fate or chance, meets James Dean. He teaches her important meaning of life. From there, the story takes off into a fast-paced, romantic turn. The ending is wrapped well and gives the reader the satisfaction he or she will be craving for. I greatly enjoyed this story because of how the author distributed the passion and strength of love in such a short length of pages. I think of this novella as a dessert. “Consoling Angel” is a book that does not require much chewing. The conciseness and the speed of the romantic plotline make the story easy and sweet to read through. I personally liked it very much and would definitely read it again. ~  Iris Park, All Book Reviews.
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