Believe: A Poetry Collection

Believe: A Poetry collection touching on a teenager’s journey through love, life, and cultural identity. These emotional poems have been edited and filtered through an adult perspective, offering depth and new interpretations of the words and experiences.

Latina Pride

With roots in the lands of the sun,

I proudly call myself Latina.

A mix of cultures, a fusion of colors,

My heritage, my identity, my persona.


From the Andes to the Caribbean Sea,

From the Amazon to the Mayan ruins,

My ancestors shaped this diverse land,

Their history engraved in my heart and hand.


I dance to the rhythm of salsa and merengue,

I savor the taste of tacos and empanadas,

I speak the language of Cervantes and Neruda,

I embody the spirit of Sor Juana and Frida.


I celebrate the fiestas of Dia de los Muertos,

I cherish the traditions of Semana Santa,

I honor the values of familia and comunidad,

I defend the rights of my gente and cultura.


In a world that often tries to divide,

I find strength in my Latinidad,

A bond that transcends borders and oceans,

A pride that shines like the sun in my soul.

So let me say it loud and clear,

Soy Latina, soy orgullosa,

I am Latina, I am proud,

And I will always be.