Inaccurate Realities is a literary magazine for young adults and the young at heart. There is no denying that people of all ages are now reading YA, but when we looked around we noticed a significant lack of publications focusing on YA short fiction – especially genre fiction. Our emphasis here are Inaccurate Realities is on speculative fiction, in all its forms. Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, dystopian, steampunk, cyberpunk, alternate history and everything in between.

We are a quarterly magazine and are looking for fresh and exciting Young Adult short fiction from writers of all ages. Each of our issues is focused on a set theme and we’re looking for short fiction and artwork that fits those themes.

Our first few issues will be as follows:

Issue 1: October 2013.

Theme: Fear.

Submissions due by August 15 2013

Issues 2: January 2014.

Theme: Time Travel.

Submissions due by November 15 2013

Issues 3: April 2014.

Theme: Magic.

Submissions due by February 15 2014

Please read our submissions guidelines on our website

And if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at