Sorry for writing this so late, but I got to speak and attend BEA last year and it was quite fun! It was really busy as BEA was unveiling a 2 day Bookcon which featured many authors from movies and books alike.

BookExpo America 2014

BookExpo America was chock full of people last year. There were  so many things that were featured, including workshops, classes, and  sveral talks. The talks ranged from social media, writing, the hottest books, website design, and blogging. I attended to moderate a webdesign panel, my own workshop on Hootsuite and social media. I also was on another panel on Engaging Readers for UPublishU. This year was  organized and the feedback given to Reedpop  helped them. In 2013, there was many things that went wrong , such as the lunch preperation and how books were handed out at every session.   Like anything, conferences are hard to manage. At any conference, I find that there is a lot to learn. For those seeking to learn more about Self Publishing than UPublishU is the right choice. For those you who are bloggers; wanting to know about the hottest books, attend courses on how to better your blog than this is the right choice. Below are some tips I’d like to share from attending several of BookExpo’s.

Things to check out at the conference:

  1. Meet new people .
  2. Always check out the new big and smaller companies offering all types of services.
  3. Attend a workshop or events.
  4. Always have business cards to hand out.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing, it gets hot and you’ll do a lot of walking.
  6.  Visit the trade show floor the same day or when it opens. This is a great opportunity to meet authors, publishers, vendors, and get free books that aren’t out to the public yet.
  7. Grab only the books you think you are going to read. Talk about them if you like them or not.
  8. Network and network!

Check out my gallery from last year!


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