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Katie’s Corner gives Consoling Angel 4 Stars!

Thank you to Katie's Corner for such a great review and for taking the time to read it! Here's a snippet of what Katie had to say: "Well if you want to know what happened to Mira, grab your copy of Consoling Angel now, and read for your pleasure. You won’t be...

Consoling Angel gets 4 Stars from Two Ends of a Bookshelf!

Thank you to Two Ends of a Bookshelf for taking the time to read and review, Consoling Angel! Here is a snippet of what she had to say: "I think Consoling Angel is a good read. It’s something I would surely remember. It is short, but compelling. The short scene of...

Consoling Angel going on Book Tour for the Holidays!

Consoling Angel is going on Tour with Paranormal Cravings! I'm a longtime supporter of this book tour site. So thanks! I hope to see you commenting and trying to win some cool prizes! Blog Name URL POST DATE My Reading Room

Blogging Platforms: Which One Is For You?

Blogging Platforms: Which One Is For You?

Blogging Platforms: Which One Is For You?   There are so many platforms to choose from nowadays and if we’re new or considering a move, you have to know all your options. What do you do? Do you go to a website and compare?  Do you talk to your friends and use their...


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