Acclaimed Author Denise Alicea Honoured with Editor’s Choice Award and Featured in Reader’s House Magazine

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Acclaimed Author Denise Alicea Honoured with Editor’s Choice Award and Featured in Reader’s House Magazine

LONDON, UK  June 1, 2024 — Renowned author Denise Alicea is prominently featured in the latest issue of Reader’s House magazine, a prestigious platform for bestselling, award-winning, and exceptional authors worldwide. The issue includes an in-depth interview with Alicea, exploring her multi-genre writing approach and the emotional depth of her storytelling. In recognition of her outstanding literary contributions, Reader’s House has also presented Alicea with the Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence, an honour bestowed upon a select group of exceptional authors.


Exploring Infinite Worlds with Denise Alicea


In a candid conversation, Alicea delves into her creative journey, which began in the vibrant cityscape of Manhattan and extended into the peaceful environs of Connecticut. She recounts her early passion for drawing and painting, which eventually evolved into a profound dedication to writing. Starting her literary career at the age of fifteen with poetry, Alicea has since explored various genres including fantasy, time travel, action, adventure, and romance.

Alicea, a member of the Romance Writers of America since 2005, has made significant contributions to the literary community not only through her writing but also through her book review blog, The Pen & Muse Book Reviews. Her commitment to mentoring fellow authors and promoting the craft is a testament to her dedication.

In the interview, Alicea offers insights into her meticulous research process for each genre, ensuring authenticity and depth in her narratives. Her works, such as “Heartbeats in Ink,” “Consoling Angel,” and “Destined ~ A Time Travel Romance Anthology,” showcase her ability to weave personal experiences into her storytelling, creating a profound connection with readers. Her latest work, “Angels Always Near: A Poetry Collection,” reflects on teenage emotions from a mature perspective, adding another layer to her diverse portfolio.

Denise Alicea’s Insights and Inspirations

Alicea discusses her approach to writing across genres, emphasizing the importance of research and a genuine love for learning new things. She shares personal anecdotes and experiences that inspire her poetry and fiction, highlighting the emotional ties that infuse her work with authenticity and relatability. From dealing with themes of love and loss in “Consoling Angel” to balancing historical accuracy and imaginative storytelling in “Destined,” Alicea’s versatility as a writer shines through.

She also offers valuable advice for aspiring authors, encouraging them to read extensively, engage with writing communities, and continually hone their craft.

About the Author

Denise Alicea is an acclaimed author known for her diverse and emotionally rich storytelling. With a background in poetry and a passion for exploring various genres, Alicea has received numerous accolades for her short stories and literary contributions. She is a dedicated member of the Romance Writers of America and runs a successful book review blog, The Pen & Muse Book Reviews. Alicea’s works include “Heartbeats in Ink,” “Consoling Angel,” “Destined ~ A Time Travel Romance Anthology,” and “Angels Always Near: A Poetry Collection.”


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